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The Institute of Human Development (IHD)


Photo for Institute of Human Development at University of California, Berkeley


The Institute of Human Development has sparked pioneering studies - since 1927 - of individual development from newborns to adolescents to the elderly. Institute members, students, and visiting scholars explore the biological, psychological, social and culture forces that shape human growth. We are united by our commitment to understanding the individual's developmental capacities and how social environs shape the vitality of children and adults. One of the first research centers established by the University of California, IHD hosts an interdisciplinary community of scientists, including young scholars and students who shape innovative research, program models, and policy options.


New IHD Center to advance understanding of adolescence through innovative transdisciplinary developmental science:


Center on the Developing Adolescent


Publications by Institute Members

Science of Story and Imagination Symposium, March 1 & 2, 2014
Stanford University
Video Footage of Presentations