ED&LS Training Program

ED&LS Training Program

Early Development & Learning Science Training Program embodies the innovative approach that IHD brings to the University for understanding and promoting the well-being of our young children. The Training Program will launch with The Developing Child Summer Minor and Certificate, and will prepare professionals to integrate science, practice, and policy knowledge with problem-solving implementation skills in the real world.

The ED&LS Undergraduate Major and Graduate Program are in development.

The ED&LS Summer Minor and Certificate:  The Developing Child

The ED&LS Summer Institute launched in 2018, and provides dynamic training for undergraduate students and current professionals alike. We offer a twelve-week summer session culminating in a Summer-Only Minor or Certificate: The Developing Child. The progressive, applied coursework in developmental science features blended learning approaches (e.g., video feedback, online peer coaching and communities of practice) and design thinking. Coursework is designed to build knowledge and skills by integrating theory with evidence-based practice working directly with, and on behalf of, young children. Classes include: the ED&LS Core Seminar, Applied Early Developmental Psychology, The Developing Child Practicum: Linking Research and Practice, Context of Early Development, and Early Childhood Policy.

The ED&LS Undergraduate Major (In Development)

The ED&LS Undergraduate Major will launch with an initial cohort of students in two specializations: Education or Developmental Science. The new major features an inquiry-based core seminar led by faculty experts; a broad range of classes from education, psychology, neuroscience, social welfare, public health, and public policy; mentored practicums at UCB’s child-study centers and on research projects; optional advanced practicums in the local community (e.g. Jumpstart) and in partner organizations across the world, and a capstone course using problem-based learning. This major is specifically designed to meet the current demand for well-trained professionals with cross-disciplinary knowledge and communication skills, as well as essential practical experience with young children (see the recent report by the Institute of Medicine & National Research Council, 2015).

The ED&LS Graduate Program (In Development)

The ED&LS Graduate Program will cultivate dynamic early childhood leaders with comprehensive skills and insight they can deftly implement on behalf of young children and the professionals who serve them. The cohort of Master’s and doctoral-level scholars will be trained using transdisciplinary problem-based learning and advanced practicums to hone research and implementation skills. Fundamental to their success will be nimble communication skills to facilitate effective collaboration, problem-solving, and translation across disciplines. Graduates will become the next generation of innovative leaders in Early Development & Learning Science, and train future scholars and leaders in this compelling and comprehensive approach.