NEW: The Developing Child Summer Minor and Certificate

NEW: The Developing Child Summer Minor and Certificate

The Developing Child is our new interdisciplinary, developmental science Summer Minor and Certificate, focused on children from birth to age 8. Integrating research, practice, and policy with problem-solving and implementation skills for the real world, the innovative coursework and practicum will enrich your approach to working with or on behalf of young children.


  • Psych 149 Early Development & Learning Science Core Seminar (3 units). This seminar will survey early childhood from the perspectives of education, neuroscience, psychology, public health, public policy, and social welfare, with a series of visiting lectures. The instructor will facilitate the integration and application of theories and ideas across disciplines to develop a common language for ED&LS. Course #14984
  • Psych 142 Applied Early Developmental Psychology (3 units). This course explores the development of children from birth to age 8, in a wide range of areas including biological, cognitive, linguistic, social, and personality development. It examines and applies research findings about the effects of genes, experience, and social context on young children's development. Course #14983
  • Psych 149A Early Development & Learning Science Practicum (3 units). The ED&LS Practicum applies early child development and learning knowledge with coaching to foster students’ hands-on learning in an on-campus early childhood education program. Course #15009
  • Psych 132 Applied Early Developmental Psychopathology (3 units). This course examines young children’s normal development and mental disorders in context. For children’s disorders, we will examine how and why rates of prevalence, identification, and treatment vary greatly around the nation and the world, and across socioeconomic strata and racial/ethnic groups. Course #15004
  • Psych 149C Design Thinking in Early Development & Learning Science (3 units). This seminar will bring together students using design thinking to address pressing issues related to The Developing Child, such as: How do we get socioeconomically disadvantaged young children school-ready? The approach will integrate and actively apply content from psychology, public health and policy, social welfare, and education. Course #15006

Additional Details

The Developing Child Minor or Certificate can enrich your area of study and give you hands-on skills for working with or on behalf of young children. The Developing Child cohort will be limited to 30 students. The Minor is available to matriculated UC Berkeley students; the Certificate is available to visiting students. All coursework is taught in English and requires complex discussion and problem-solving in English. The Developing Child may be completed in one summer or more.

Enrollment Dates

February 1: UC Berkeley Students

February 15: Visitors and International Students

Minor and Certificate Program Dates

Session A: May 21 – June 29

Session D: July 2 – August 10

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