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Child Research Central is a communication hub connecting San Francisco Bay Area researchers, clinicians, and families. Researchers and clinicians around the Bay Area post study advertisements. Parents can peruse these advertisements and enroll their children in our research participant database. Local child development events open to the public are advertised through our bimonthly newsletter.


Child Research Central

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Silvia Bunge directs the building Blocks of Cognition Laboratory, which draws from the fields of cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, and education research.  Research in the laboratory examines the neural basis of improvements in high-level cognitivie functions (reasoning, memory, and self-regulation) over childhood and adolescence.  This research on typical brain development serves as a foundation of the lab’s research on children with brain injury or neurodevelopmental disorders. Professor Bunge’s team conducts intervention research in children and adults in an effort to develop effective ways to promote cognitive skill development and subsequent academic achievement. Finally, through the Frontiers of Innovation, Professor Bunge partners with practitioners to conduct intervention research with young children at high risk for school failure.

Heather Anderson, a UCB alumna who majored in Psychology and Integrative Biology, is a research assistant, laboratory manager in the Building Blocks of Cognition Lab, and Program Coordinator for Child Research Central. Her primary interest is in applications of cognitive development research to large-scale interventions in parenting and early childhood care settings. She is especially interested in using this research to target children and parents coming from backgrounds of low socioeconomic status, trauma, and neglect.