Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Institute seeks to advance understanding of human development through pioneering contributions to developmental science. Our broader mission is to advance knowledge that informs policies and practices — in ways that lead to improvements in the lives of infants, children, adolescents, their families, communities, and society.

Our Vision

Our vision of developmental science is integrative and transdisciplinary. It incorporates work from several disciplines — including developmental psychology, education, science of learning, developmental neuroscience, developmental biology, genetics/epigenetics, and computational modeling of learning processes — that investigate the processes that underpin learning and development. Our vision places equal emphasis on understanding the family, social, economic and cultural contexts that actively shape learning and development, as well as the study of institutions and policies that impact the development of youth — including social welfare, public health, health care, law, juvenile justice, and public policy.

Most importantly, we aspire to an integrative developmental science that advances transdisciplinary understanding across multiple levels and disciplines. The grand challenges in the sphere of human development are exceedingly complex. Bringing an integrative developmental science lens to these complexities can provide innovative insights — in ways that can inform high-impact issues ranging from healthy development and education to social policy and social justice — locally and globally.